You can install Veryl by downloading binary. If you have Rust development environment, you can use cargo instead of it.


Veryl uses git command internally. Please confirm git can be launched.

Choose a way of installation

Download binary

Download from release page, and extract to the directory in PATH.


You can install with cargo.

cargo install veryl veryl-ls

Editor integration

Visual Studio Code and Vim / Neovim are supported officially.

Visual Studio Code

For Visual Studio Code, Veryl extension is provided. The extension provides file type detection, syntex highlight and language server integration. You can install it by searching "Veryl" in extension panel or the following URL.

Veryl extension for Visual Studio Code

Vim / Neovim

For Vim / Neovim, Veryl plugin is provided. The plugin provides file type detection, syntex highlight. There are some instructions for plugin installation and language server integration in the following URL.

Vim / Neovim plugin

Other Editors

Veryl provides language server. So other editors supporting language server (ex. Emacs) can use it.